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Why should you have to rough it?
your habitat.

Modern. Compact. Innovative.

Region 6 Ventures specializes in building a modernist habitat that provides a comfortable, unique, and sustainable resting place for outdoor enthusiasts in all types of settings. The R6 habitat can be built on or offsite and is designed to be situated on different terrains without extensive site work. Whether you locate your habitat in an urban setting or in the middle of no-where, the R6 cabin will make it feel like you've never left home.

Award-Winning Architecture Partner. Unique Design.

In 2017 R6 commissioned GO'C Studio to  design a minimalist prefabricated cabin concept that could be easily deployed across varied landscapes

The R6 Habitat was designed to connect people with their natural environment while offering safety, security, and conveniences of modern life. 

The R6 Habitat uses a non-traditional foundation system with feet which are anchored to four pilings thus requiring minimal site prep.

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Treading Lightly.

The R6 Habitat employs modular construction techniques and uses natural materials to minimize the carbon footprint. Integrated monitoring systems are used to regulate energy and water consumption. Features such as solar energy capture, water recycling and reuse, smart technology and smart appliances to create a living experience that is both comfortable and environmentally sustainable. 

The R6 Habitat at its core is an exo-skeletal steel structure that allows the cabin to be mounted to a flat-bed truck for transportation. Once on-site, the cabin begins to ‘blossom’ as mechanical jacks winch the cabins off the truck and into place. Sliding shutters reveal large expanses of the surrounding landscape. The jacks adjust to negotiate uneven terrain, providing adaptable stability and enabling the cabins to lightly touch the earth. The design is minimally invasive and requires little foundation work thus limiting disruption to the land.


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