Our story

Seattle based Region 6 Ventures is an innovative outdoor hospitality company founded in 2017 by Kaine Robertson and Brendon Lehman. Region 6 was born out of a shared passion for the Pacific Northwest with the belief that enjoying the outdoors should be easy and comfortable. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, unique, secure spot for other outdoor enthusiasts to set up their home base and begin their adventure.



    Our goals

    Deliver fun spaces to create memorable moments with friends and family

    Serve as responsible stewards of our shared environment

    Provide easy and convenient options to be able to connect with nature


    Kaine Robertson

    Founding Partner

    Kaine epitomizes the essence of Region 6 Ventures as a lifelong adventurist. His innate curiosity for the world drives him to discovery and creativity. From envisioning a new concept, to performing in-depth research, his keen ability to articulate an idea is what propelled the creation of Region 6 Ventures. Kaine has worked across a variety of industries and disciplines, thus enabling his perspective and big picture thinking. Before founding Region 6 Ventures, Kaine worked at Intava, General UI and served in consultative and advisory roles for FarmCloud and Onestack. Kaine has 15 years experience building relationships, creating vision and fostering new interactive technology. He spends his free time enjoying the outdoors, off-roading and discovering the most scenic, untouched locations in the Pacific Northwest.


    Brendon Lehman

    Founding Partner

    Brendon has an energy and drive which embody Region 6 Ventures. His laser-sharp focus on execution and operational excellence are what keep him going. From developing a business plan to setting up a global operations center, his ability to ‘get stuff done’ lies at the core of Region 6 Ventures. Brendon has a breadth of experience working across small and medium businesses to large corporations. Prior to co-founding Region 6 Ventures, Brendon worked at Google, Microsoft, Loft9 and a handful of small consulting firms. Brendon has 10 years experience working in global operations across Fortune 100 companies. He holds a degree in Economics from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). He spends his free time being physically active, exploring the outdoors, off-roading and traveling the globe.